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Signature Style: The Core Of Your Personal Panache

You can choose from easy silhouettes and classic hue to create a style uniform for yourself, also called as a signature style. It is the core of elegant and effortless personal panache. It’s a strong daily statement that summarise your personality, your personal style, functionality, and aesthetics.

Signature Style: The Core Of Your Personal Panache - APANAKAH


What is a Signature Style?

It is your everyday perfect and safest outfit made up of classic fabrics and very elegant in design that makes you feel comfortable and gives you the poise to go out and give your best.

A signature style or a look is not always about having to wear the same piece, design, or color every day or having multiple identical outfits but it is about creating your own personal style that resonates with your personality.   

Why do we all need a Signature Style?

In today’s world of fast-moving fashion and weekly changing trends, a signature style is like a new energy in itself. It gives you your personality, your aura and lets you leave your own mark. It will portray that you have your own personality or a sense of style that you can always carry on yourself and flaunt it.

If we have to look it from a different perspective it helps you simplify your daily life as well. Having a signature style or styles that can be used on multiple occasions makes you take your clothing decisions faster and easier. If you’ve decided upon your style and you’ve collected smart accessories and other essentials to pair it up with smartly, then you’re more or less sorted. Considering the number of decisions and choices that you’ve to make in a day, eliminating at least one of them would a smart choice to make. Well-known people from around the world, entrepreneurs, celebrities, famous personalities, be it, males or females, all of them have their own signature style. Signature style dressing is a smart step that takes you closer to a mindful and a pocket-friendly lifestyle. This will help you control impulse shopping spends, unnecessary purchases, fall victim to clearance sales, or buy things that you never really wear.

We’ve crafted these questions that you can answer for yourself and it will help you create a signature style for yourself.

  1. Which silhouettes you’re most comfortable in?
  2. Which color palette matches your style?
  3. What is your daily life like? How many signature styles do you need? – e.g. office wear, casuals, parties, etc.?
  4. Which types of clothing do you like?
  5. What fabric or clothing makes you most comfortable?
  6. What types do you own the most already?
  7. Which ones of your previous outfits have gotten you most compliments?

Here’s a little piece of advice that will help you build your Signature Style.  

  1. Invest in your signature style
  2. Work with versatile styles as initial trials
  3. Try to find your color palette and then build on that
  4. Play around with patterns, fabric types, and smart detailing
  5. Comfort stays above it all
  6. You can have multiple signature styles
  7. Add something unexpected and accessorize
  8. Top it off with additional beauty signature style as well
  9. And lastly, whatever you choose, carry it confidently

If you need help to start, check out our modern basics collection which will help you build your own first Signature Style. 

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