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Abundance of Yellow Hues in Nature That You Can Wear this Summer

Have you ever wondered how great it would be for our planet if all the colours in our garments came from natural sources? Well, thanks to the ongoing revival of natural dyes, we're starting to see this become a reality.

Colours induce feelings of happiness, energy, and optimism, particularly during the summertime. And when it comes to summer, yellow instantly comes to mind because it evokes images of sunny beaches, sun-kissed days, lemonade, and blossoming flowers. But the allure of yellow goes beyond the particular season. The colours of spring and summer not only bring a punch of brightness and vigour to any outfit, but they also inspire you to live life to the fullest as it can.

Yellow dyes have a long and storied history in many traditions and cultures around the world. From ancient times, yellow hues have been prized for their luminosity, their ability to evoke warmth and sunlight, and their cultural significance. Fortunately, there are several natural sources of yellow pigments, ranging from roots and minerals to spices such as turmeric and saffron and flowers such as marigold and dahlia. Each of these natural materials bestows a unique shade of yellow, ranging from bright and sunny to earthy and toned down. These natural resources not only provide beautiful and one-of-a-kind shades, but they're also nature-friendly, encourage sustainability, and support local communities.

In addition to their sustainability benefits, the colour yellow also has various cultural significance in many parts of the world. In India, yellow is considered a sacred colour and is often used in religious ceremonies and festivals. And by incorporating these traditional norms into their designs, one can create clothes that are not only beautiful but also respectful of many cultural heritages.

How to ethically embrace the natural sources of yellow 

Adding a pop of natural yellow to your wardrobe is a great way to brighten up your style and when it comes from nature, you’re surely supporting environmentally friendly fashion. Today, brands and consumers alike seek out eco-friendly and socially responsible alternatives to synthetic dyes. 

At Apanakah, we are committed to sustainability and ethical fashion practices. That's why we have equally embraced the use of natural yellow dyes in many of our contemporary and eco-friendly organic cotton silhouettes. Here's how we incorporate natural yellow dyes into our clothing:

Using plant-based sources: We get our natural yellow dyes and fabrics from local partners that use plants and spices such as turmeric, marigold, and pomegranate in organic ways to colour our fabrics. Using natural dyes and other sustainable materials helps in minimising the carbon footprint, reducing the impact of harmful synthetic chemicals on the environment and ourselves.

Traditional dyeing and innovative designs: We use traditional dyeing methods that require less water and energy than synthetic dyeing methods. Our skilled artisans saturate the fabric with the natural dye source to achieve the desired shade of yellow. This results in a unique and high-quality product that is kind to the environment. For example, in our latest Misty Clouds collection, we used the traditional hand marbling tie-dye technique to create one-of-a-kind nebulous prints, shades, and designs that reflected our commitment to slow fashion and sustainable fashion practices.

Incorporating natural dyes into different styles: Yellow being our favourite and most happy colour, we’ve incorporated it in most of our collections, which are non-toxic and biodegradable. This approach allows us to offer you a wide range of items that are cohesive and on-trend while also being sustainable and ethically made. By using natural yellow dyes, we are promoting eco-conscious practices in the fashion industry while also creating beautiful and unique pieces.

Natural yellow dye is a hit among fashion-conscious shoppers. And we love the way our beautiful, slow-made pieces have captured the hues, the warmth and vitality of the natural while also reflecting the diverse cultural traditions that inspire us.

Check out some of our favourites in yellow hues derived from nature!

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