Who We Are

Apanakah comes from a sanskrit word that translates as ‘a shop’. That is what we are - a place for your to shop for all things good! We're here to express simplicity and functionality which is our identity as a brand. It is a movement that is in response to the rapidly changing world around us. At the intersection of the traditional and the contemporary, Apanakah is born. This synergy is our fuel.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone offered us the vibrancy that our city lives seek in the most zen of places like mountains? You wouldn’t believe them! But believe us when we say that our products are aimed at giving you this exact dualism and much more. We're here to inspire change though innovative and ethical creations. We source all the natural materials to craft our products and make them feel like a hug from mother nature. Our designs are aimed at enhancing your unique style and offer comfort.

It is our dream to be part of your journey and play a role in your effort to do good for the planet earth.

What are we leaving behind as we move forward with the lightning speed, is a question that is even more pertinent than ever. We believe in looking back at our culture as we move forward into a new era of human excellence.

Going back to the roots is comforting and elevating at the same time. Hence we value our process as much as we cherish our products. Our story is a collective narrative of all the makers whose shared efforts culminate in a beautiful legacy.
And as part of our legacy what we would not like to do is leave behind heaps of trash for the next generation to be burdened with.

Sustainability is not just our belief it is who we are. Green fashion is no longer an alternative, but a necessity. At Apanakah, we take responsibility for the earth in our small way and consciously strive towards reducing waste and devising eco-friendly methods of crafting our garments. Thus we have chosen to operate on a made-to-order model, freeing us from creating typical inventory issues that lead to overproduction.