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Minimalist Fashion: Modern Basics

First and foremost, let us tell you that if it is done right, there is nothing basic about a minimalist style. We all know that minimalist fashion connects directly with basics. A lot of styling experts and style guides will recommend you focus on building a wardrobe that will start with a basic collection.

Considering, how we can add that vigor to the daily basics, you can check our modern basics collection. You can use our Modern Basics collection to build your very own minimalist or a basics wardrobe.

These are perfectly comfortable, functional, high-quality, breathable, hand-made, and totally effortless. These are classic yet timeless pieces that may look simple in terms of style or color, but they give you that extra – extra luxury, extra comfort, extra style and extra confidence. That’s because modern basics takes minimalist fashion to a whole new level.

Minimalist Fashion: Modern Basics - APANAKAH

What makes a perfect Modern Basic?

You can use these things to identify a modern basic for yourself.

Fabric Type

The most important part of a basic fashion is of fabric quality. These fabrics are of very good quality and are enduring.

Fitting and Cut

It can be a little bit oversized or of a slim-fitting, it could be custom-tailored or just picked off the rack, the best part about modern basics is that it will always look like it was made for you and your body.


If you would have noticed, it is always those small details that elevate the modern basic styles. It could be pleats, self-tie belts, detailing on buttons, cut style, pattern, or colors, which are the kind of things that will surely get you a double look.   


Modern Basics have that ultimate feature of getting paired with almost everything. It pairs well with anything and everything - wear it for a weekend outing or for a casual Friday look, that's totally up to you! 


We usually believe that the quality of the material is very much price dependent and expensive pieces are better but that is not always the case. Yes, higher prices are due to better quality but it is important to see if it is worth the price. Quality of the fabric or the product is a fairly subjective topic and can vary as per personal choices, but try to look for something that feels nice to you and you feel comfortable in.  

Comfort & Confidence

Basics are always about giving you the most comfort and getting you the confidence to go out and give your best. Be it a crop top, a casual dress, shorts, or a trouser, if you feel comfortable in that, you’ll get your confidence boost automatically.


To start off with your modern basics collection, try to complete your wardrobe with:

+ Basics – Solid colors and simple patterns.

+ Modern Basics – Try to collect as much as you can. These are the pieces that you use anytime, anywhere, and pair it up with almost anything.

+ Add-ons – Keep it simple. Accessories should complement your clothing and not overpower it.


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